helios - Solar Solution

Fligen Systems uses the best of technology in aerial thermography to offer solutions where data of each hotspot, defect, or anomaly is obtained. We offer solutions consisting of information from the coordinates of individual defects to the expert remark on how to avoid such anomalies in the future.

High resolution thermal and visual images, accurate geo-referenced positioning of the drone, precision temperature readings of the panels help Fligen Systems in determining hotspots, cracks, leakages, bird droppings, soiling, and the extent of it.

With the power of leading-edge technology, Fligen Systems understands the layout of the plant and deploys the drones with pre-made flight paths reducing time and achieving successful completion of the operation.

Along with these, Fligen Systems offers top-notch solutions to determine the best tilt angle for the panels. We help in further scrutinizing the shading analysis of the PV modules with our aerial view.

Cascading shadow effect

Cascading shadow effect is where the shadow of a panel falls on its following panel which results in increased heat energy produced causing a hotspot. With the data acquired from the drone, Fligen Systems can also recommend the best tilt angle to be used for the panels.

Fligen Systems ensures that even the smallest detail is captured and analyzed to provide an outright report which aids the power generated.

We also inspect the OTL which carries the power generated from the solar plant to the distribution grid.

Fligen Systems conducts regular thermal inspection for effective maintenance of the solar plant with priority given to the economic and insurance aspects.

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