Ferranti - Transmission Lines Solution

In the present day, many electrical, transmission, and distribution companies have incorporated the use of drones to level up the process and time taken to carry out inspection of Overhead Transmission Lines.

Fligen Systems can detect faults caused due to 

  • lighting strikes, rust, corrosion, birds’ nest
  • Missing plates along the insulator chains, 
  • Strands of cable 
  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Hotspots

Fligen Systems makes it possible to spot the areas of problem and fix them where it is risky and difficult for humans to access. With accurate georeferenced positioning, we provide reports with annotated images, the cause of the defect, and expert remarks on it.  Our expert drone pilots have a complete understanding and deep knowledge about the operation and safety measures to be considered while controlling the drone to collect the data.

We, at Fligen Systems, offer the best drone services which are cost-effective and also faster and safer than other modes of inspection. 

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​